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IV Access

Locating a vein for delivering medicine is an important task in treatment process. In certain circumstances, intravenous delivery of medicine near to swift as the patient’s life might depend on this. This is where Veineux comes in handy. Veineux not only improves the success percentage of first-time vein puncture, but also reduce the cost of process and ease the stress on the medical team.

IV access using Veineux AR 100

  • Clean the area using a suitable disinfectant.
  • Apply a tourniquet on the arm.
  • Place Veineux above the skin within a 35cm distance and start the product by pressing the ON button.
  • Press the display button for the light to be projected.
  • Focus the Veineux over the area to be injected.
  • Locate the vein from the projection.
  • Apply the needle.

The Veineux comes with some specific features that help us better to locate the vein in an easier way:

  • Display Options – The product has multiple modes for viewing based on different body characteristics and skin tones.  
  • Different Intensity levels - Veineux is equipped with multi intensity levels for assuring clear view of the vein for patients with high tissue depth, as well as for infants.
  • Rechargeable battery - Veineux is loaded with a rechargeable Li-Ion battery, providing 4 hours of battery life.
  • Portable - The light weight and ergonomic design coupled with a rechargeable battery enables high degrees of portability for Veineux.
  • Multiple Degrees of Movement - With the bundled accessory, Veineux can move in a 3 dimensional axes for customized usage.
  • Radiation free - Veineux uses NIR radiation which ensures that no harmful side effects will occur.
  • Accurate- By using advanced micro projection technology, Veineux projects an accurate and dynamic image of veins on the surface of human skin.
  • Hands free - The device can be placed over a wheeled hands-free accessory facilitating easy usage for the medical team. 
  • Ease of Usage - The user-friendly design makes Veineux free of any pre-use calibrations and adjustments, with a minimal learning curve.
  • Patient safety- The no-contact usage design protects the patient from any safety concerns. 
  •   Instant Results - Veineux process the captured image and displays required results to the user in an instant.
  • High Quality Projection - Veineux projects high resolution images of the vein on the skin surface for a precise and quick action. 
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